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/Order Page

This is where you may place your order for Maz Satellite products and services.

Receivers are in stock. PVRs are available by special order (Contact us here).
Immediate Installation Available.
All remittances via Credit Card in United States Dollars (US$).

Prices are in US Dollars (US$) and are based upon product costs, shipping rates, duties and exchange rate
fluctuations. Therefore, the prices for both receivers and programming will vary from time to time.


You’ll need 1 Subscription for each Receiver or PVR

Notes: (1)The PVRs have a history of hard drive failure.
(2) Receivers & PVRs used outside of Canada are
not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Please visit the INFO page (at the bottom) for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures and actual items may vary in appearance.