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03/22/18 – March is the time of the year when sun spots affect the satellites’ transmissions. You may get some outages of varying lengths (10 mins – 1 hour) during the day when the sun lines up directly behind the satellite. There is nothing to stop this from happening. It happens in the spring and the fall.

06/05/17 – The USA networks are on channels 558-562 (East) and 563-566 (West).
The Canadian networks (Toronto) are on channels 532-535.

When a program is scheduled on both a USA channel and a Canadian channel at the same time, the USA channel get blanked out (so that you are forced to watch Canadian adverts). So, check both USA and Canadian channels to find the program you are seeking.

Important notice:

1. The Channel List provided to you (and available by request anytime) is accurate.

2. Many channels that are shown in your receiver’s GUIDE are on the G1 satellite that does not reach further south than the Canadian border. Those channels are not shown in the channel list because you cannot receive them.

3. If you have a PVR, you cannot use Smart Record and expect your shows to be recorded properly because the PVR does not know you cannot receive channels from the G1 satellite. Other than channels which are stand-alone (no duplicates of same programming on other channels) such the news networks (CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, BBC World News), HBO, Movie channels, etc., smart recording will not work. In order insure that you record the chosen program, you’ll need to set your RECORD THIS to a particular channel for one-time recording. If it is a USA Network Show you want to record, make sure it is only on the USA Network channel – if it is on the Canadian Network channel at the same time choose to record that show.

If you have shows set to ‘smart record’ please go to “MENU, PVR, PVR Upcoming” and delete them.

04/28/17 – Many have been given incorrect information about what takes place when the LNB is changed from a KU (quad) LNB to an XKU LNB.

If your receiver is a “600” series receiver, it will work just fine with the new XKU data stream. All of the Maz Satellite subscribers have “600” series receivers (i.e., 600’s, 605’s and 630’s). You do not need to change your receiver or your programming package. You will still get the same programming you are receiving now.

If and when your building’s LNB is changed to the newer XKU LNB, just give us a call or send an email and inform us. Within 20-30 minutes we will adjust your data stream to the newer XKU data stream and all will be like normal for you.
Paul, Maz Satellite

02/21/17 – The duplicate channels, including the USA networks in the 320’s and CNN at 331, are being discontinued. When you can no longer find them, you’ll find the same channels in the 500’s and 600’s including USA networks starting at 558 and CNN at 595.

1/13/15 – Certain channels (usually HD USA network stations) are blocked when the same program is carried on an HD Canadian channel. The announcers are the same but Canadian commercials are shown instead of USA commercials. Likewise, the SD USA network stations (channels 75-85) show the USA programming but the USA commercials are replaced with Canadian commercials. This is a sporadic issue but seems to be happening consistent.

6/27/14 – REPEAT – Intermittent – Data stream interruptions continue on the USA East Coast Networks mostly between 7pm-8pm MDT. Occasional interruptions happen for short periods during other times. This is continuing to affect Mexico and Central America. Temporary solution: Switch to same channel in the 75-85 channel range. Use ASPECT button at top of remote to ZOOM (not STRETCH) picture to full screen.

3/9/2014 – We are in the middle of ‘sun outages’ for satellite tv. This is the time of year when, during certain hours, the sun lines up directly behind the satellite and overwhelms the data stream being broadcast from the satellite. When your channels disappear for a short time (usually no more than hour) during the middle of the day, that is the cause. There is nothing wrong with your system nor with the satellite broadcast. This disruption occurs for several days twice a year – in the spring and in the fall.

11/18/2013 – Data stream interruptions continue on the USA East Coast Networks mostly between 8pm-9pm MST. Occasional interruptions happen for short periods during other times. This is continuing to affect Mexico and Central America.

11/1/2013 – In the last two weeks there have been problems with East Coast Networks between the hours of 7pm-8pm. The data stream is being corrupted intermittently for NBC, ABC & CBS. The cause of this has not yet been determined as the problem does not exist in Canada. The temporary work-around is to change to the SD stations during the 7pm-8pm time period (East Coast USA Networks in SD start at channel 75). As soon as the cause has been identified we will attempt to find a solution. This is happening throughout Mexico and Central America.

9/8/-9/9/2013 – Heavy, thick, cloud cover and heavy rains are reducing signal strength resulting in loss of picture and sound. In some cases, the receiver is showing a red light along with the green. This is normal and all will be well when storm passes and cloud cover lessens.

9/1/2013 – Canelo vs Mayweather (Saturday, September 14) – Last date to order and pay is Friday, September 6, 2013.

7/28/2013 – 07.00 – (Mazatlán) The ongoing thunderstorm and heavy cloud cover has blocked the signal from reaching your dishes. Your receivers are probably showing a red light due to signal not being received. This is normal during a weather event. If you do not have surge suppressors or if your edifice is subject to sudden power outages and restarts, it would be wise to unplug your receiver from the electric source until the storm passes.

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